Cleaning Treatment

A thorough facial cleansing is the must have for for beautiful and radiant skin. The treatment includes a light exfoliation and steaming followed by professional deep cleansing. A final mask suitable for the individual skintype clears and soothes the skin. The treatment is rounded off by a day skin care.

Fruitic Acid Peel

The fruit acid peeling is a mild chemical peeling used to refine skin’s texture and quality, perfectly suited to control blemishes and impurities, wrinkles and irregularities in pigmentation. DrZenkerCosmetics offers individual protocols, consisting of typically 4 to 6 treatments in a row to achieve best treatment outcomes.

Green Peel

A strong thus very effective and individually adapted peel based on natural herbal ingredients offered by DrZenkerCosmetics following the concept of „Dr. Schrammek“ to effectively renew and rejuvenate your skin. Three homecare products and one post-peel treatment after 5 days are included.

Herbal Peel

The Herbal Peel, a lighter, individually adaptable herbal scrub by DrZenkerCosmetics. „Dr. Schrammek“ gives your skin a healthy complexion and a fresh radiance.

DrZenkerCosmetics offers two versions of this treatment to match your individual needs and expectations: „Light“ as a quick beautifier with a discrete peeling effect. „Classic“ to treat first wrinkles by a medium strength exfoliating effect. After a thorough cleansing of the skin, special herbs, whose microparticles have an intense peeling effect, are gently massaged. The blood circulation is stimulated and horn scales are removed. The treatment is completed with a special mask and a nourishing day cream. After this treatment, your skin will be sustainably refreshed, glowing and incredibly soft. Blemishes heal faster, sebum production gets controlled, pigmentation becomes paler, pores smaller with frequent use. The Herbal peel can be performed on a regular basis on any skin type throughout the year.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic drainage is a special form of massage for decongestion after aesthetic procedures or to reduce edema and swelling of the face of other art.

Medical Manicure

Our manicure includes a nourishing hand bath, filing of the nails, as well as the gentle removal of the cuticle. An intensively nourishing cream completes this manicure optimally.

Medical Pedicure

Our pedicure includes a relaxing foot bath for perfectly nourished skin of the feet, a filing of the toenails combined with gently removing of cuticles. An intensively nourishing cream, which moisturizes the skin and nail, finishes the treatment.


Microdermabrasion is a professional skin treatment to gently remove dead skin cells by finest crystals. This ensures a pure, clear and even complexion. We recommend to follow protocols such 6 to 10 treatments in a row, 4 weeks gapped, to achieve the most optimal effect. DrZenkerCosmetics works with products from Reviderm.


Effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. The skin is specifically stimulated by thinnest needles followed by working in of individually selected specific actives. This results in a finer, fresher skin with a more even skin tone. We recommend that you take a course of 6 to 10 treatments, one week apart.

Permanent Hair Removal

To treat excess hair growth on the face and body, DrZenkerCosmetics offers high-end-IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technologies. Using this technique, the brown pigment of the hair’s root is deliberately “inactivated” by bundled laser beams of different wavelengths. It takes several treatments at 4-6 weeks intervals to effectively remove unwanted permanently. Individual treatment protocols may vary.

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