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“Creating and transferring knowledge as well as teaching and consulting services for professionals are important building blocks of my work to advance science and to help my patients the best way possible.”
Sabine Zenker, MD, Dermatologist

Sabine Zenker, MD, is a world-renowned Board Certified German Dermatologist who is known for combining her dermatological expertise with a distinct sense for facial and body aesthetics. Her focus is on non- and micro-invasive procedures to rejuvenate face, body and hair.

Due to her many years of experience, she offers national and international teaching and consulting services for physicians, medical societies, universities, congress organizations, etc. Likewise, her clinic offers the opportunity to carry out clinical observational studies, evaluations, tests etc. for proven and innovative treatment concepts.

Sabine Zenker is also known for her long-standing national and international journalistic experience in various professional and public media.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or a possible cooperation.

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